Do They?

The torture group has a mixed opinion on you non-victims interested in the torture. They tell me there are a few types of people reading what I write. People who believe in the torture. People who think the torture is a threat of the future yet don’t quite believe it exists now. People who hold other less common beliefs that draw them to the torture as well. And people that read about the torture because the find the topic interesting like a hobby to explore. The torture group doesn’t see anyone as a threat. Yet.

The torture group has theories about how they will be brought down. They believe that non-victims are the answer. The victims they say have tried everything they could and it’s gotten them to an impasse. The torture group believes that it’s up to non-victims to stop the torture. No I don’t believe for a moment the torturers are using me as a communication device to speak to non-victims. I know this is part of my torture as a “schizophrenic”.

What non-victims have that is beyond the torture victims is the lack of torture, and in some cases the ability to draw on powerful groups like the FBI to investigate the torture and lead us to the beginning of the torture group’s end. That’s ridiculous for me to be told. These officials have no interest in re-examining the universal diagnosis of the torture as schizophrenia. So how is this supposed to work torture group? No one is listening to you. Even through me. I can’t change the world.

What is it that the torture group expects from non-victims? They want me to communicate to them. The want certain and specific information out in the world through me. They have no idea who is reading what I write. They are making themselves vulnerable because they don’t believe this is a threat to them. So far it’s been proven that the torture victims spreading information on the torture has not done anything to stop the torture.

Or the torture group is wrong. And behind the scenes as they sometimes suspect people are plotting against them. It’s nice that they fear you.





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