Carnival Games

After the torture group introduced themselves as a more accurate version of themselves in September, 2011 they told me about how they could control a body. They demonstrated on me. One of their favorite games was to approach me in bed when I was lying on my back. They would whip my head left to right. I couldn’t control it. There were other incidents.

Excerpt from my diary April, 2012

When I go to bed they start normally then start making my body seize. They seize my head to both sides, my legs bend at the knee and stay up while they shake, my arms go up and flail, my torso flails bending at the waist and relaxing and my pelvis seizes straight then contorts. The dog goes out and they say she’s upset so I comfort her and she goes back to bed. They say they’re done then start again a little less violently then before. It finally stops then they repeatedly threaten to do it again.

The torture group did this when I was alone. But sometimes they got caught. My backyard neighbor was spotted watching me one night. This torture attack is theoretically one of the worst they could do but compared to their control of me 24/7 it wasn’t that bad. I knew they didn’t want anyone to see it. It was like the exorcist for only a few times. Elsewise it was a torture game they played.


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