When the Computer Cringes

The torture computer is set up to run torture to the music I listen to. It takes the song assess its story and mood through the lyrics and music and presents to me a torture attack. This can only be artfully done when preprogrammed. Otherwise it’s a mockery.

The attack I receive though preprogrammed is played out in variations. It is up to the computer to match the torture attack to the moment and torture selected for the day. This is how the visions/music video attacks were different every time I watched them. This is how I know the torture computer’s skill level on editing together artwork into live torture activity.

The torture computer is decent at doing this. It doesn’t have the best artwork as in animated sequences to draw from. It’s ability to tell a story is good except for the irrationality of that story. If it sticks to what it understands from the lyrics it’s quality. If it tries to make a torture related story fused together with the lyrics it goes off the rails.

There is a time when the semi-automated computer program hears such intense action from the music I’m listening to it has to draw back the torture attack it started running. It metaphorically cringes at the intensity level it reacted with. Well I can feel that cringe in the sensation torture occurring with the attack. I feel the build up and the sudden drop when it is shut off. The computer has me turn down the volume of my music. That signals it that all is well.

This computer function is a failsafe programmed into the system to avoid overwhelming the torture technology and/or overusing the daily allotment of torture activity available. It sets the cap on how intense the torture will get in the moment. It’s yet another way the inner workings of the torture group’s computer system is visible to the torture victim as they are being tortured.


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