The torture group is still using celebrities in their sexual torture attacks on me. But nothing compares to the quality and intensity of the Jakob and David use.

They had stopped the David story and retained the character for use in 2012. They still ran negative sexual attacks using David. Then all of a sudden a new man entered my life. It was another celebrity. I could list them but it doesn’t really matter. The torture group barely cared about them too.

They ran the attack like any old crush attack. First there were stories about me and my love interest which connected to information they knew of the man. These came with some positive sexual assault sensation but not always rape itself. Mostly the sexual sensation was negative.

They told the new story this time. I had escaped or been released from my torture and was fighting against the torture group. Or I had brought down the beast already. They liked to imagine the brightest most improbable of futures. I met the celebrity and our lives intertwined.

At some point the torturer attacks again and my man and I fight him off together. True love is achieved. It’s not a well written story.

They get bored with telling these stories over and over. They get tired of the celebrity being used. They move on. It’s all the same.


It’s a variation of the old fantasy stories. The stories have been adjusted to fit the current torture. But this future is false. It’s impractical. It’s illogical. It’s not very possible. The torture group doesn’t want to deal with the reality of my life post-torture. They prefer to imagine unrealistic things. They’re avoiding discussing facts with me. The torturer is also warning me that life as a former torture victim is not safe. The torture group has yet to caught. I am being told I am fair game post-torture. I’m being terrorized.


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