House of Rust Colored Leaves

These are two works which have inspired my torturers to no end. I was first introduced to the book from C. Lyle a school person working with me. He told me among many things that the book was about obsession, in his opinion. I found out it was about me and my life story from the torturers. They found it a psychological study of my rusty cage. They thought that House of Leaves delved into what it was like to be me as a torture victim. They found the story of the making of the album something I would experience in the future post-torture.

This movie was something that the torturers didn’t understand completely but twisted the concept into one they could use in their torture of me. You wouldn’t guess from the fantasy stories they were telling me using this as inspiration that they see me as the serial killer in the movie with a powerful and colorful inner world. They presume I am violent in reaction to the violence against me. We don’t eve know yet what I am.

The torture group took these three mediums, movie, book and album, and plagiarized them. They used them as parts of my music video fantasy stories. They were telling me this during the lonely years I spent waiting out the end of the anxiety torture phase. My torturers may have jumped the gun here. Because the content was something I wouldn’t see fully until the schizophrenia torture came in. There I found out what kind of house they had felt they had built for me.

Jesse, Paige and the Girl

This took place in the Jakob Dylan months and featured what was then the character of his real life brother and his wife. The real Dylans have nothing to do with this.

The torture group told me that I could be magically transported into something like another plane of existence and there experience through touch, hearing and seeing another location. What happens in this story is disturbing. I’ll be brief. The two adults, Jesse and Paige, captured me. I was a young child during this. I was held prisoner in the house by them and abused in every way.  Jakob had no idea I was being abused in the house. He thought I was still safe.

This is another story about my torturers and I. It’s clearly demonstrative of our relationship as they see it. I am their prisoner. They are the adults and I am still the child. I find it interesting that they deny our relationship took place right in front of everyone’s eyes and pretend that we were in seclusion. It isn’t like that. They imagine that I am horribly scarred from my torture. Yet in this one story they ran the show. They did it without the permission of “Jakob”. Are they saying that I have a protector in the torture group? They’ve presented both Jakob and David as heroes set to rescue me in the year their stories took place. Or are they saying the torture operator acted without permission of the torture manager and other bosses? I only know that the Jakob was never involved and the David was always fake too.


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