I experience a torture technique where for some sound I hear I experience a sensation attached to it. The sounds are things that are out of place and odd. I hear the sound like unidentified sound #1 and the sensation torture has matched an attack to it almost immediately. It’s definitely almost. Because we all know the computer can’t predict what my environment will be doing next. In this case the sound was a car door suddenly being slammed shut. But the computer failed to process that sound correctly. It heard how loud it was and could not yet identify it. So it attacked me with alarm. Signaling me of probable threat.

The idea that I need warning from the torture computer has nothing to do with me but is a device the torture computer uses to protect an asset. In this case the asset is the torture victim. It’s kind of about me but not really. This is another of the torture computer’s main operating systems leaking into my everyday torture experience. I don’t need to know what is a probable threat. I won’t run away any faster as the machine controls my body because I was warned. It’s meant to be terrorizing. And it’s making use of an error from the computer system.

Error messages from the torture computer have been set to present themselves as torture activity. They won’t say anything a normal error message will. They run an error activity. This keeps the torture activity always running no matter what. I’ve never experienced a total lack of torture activity that I can identify. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t occurred. Error messages are obvious when you realize what they are. There are a lot of them.

Knowing which torture attacks are computer errors in disguise gives me an exact idea how accurate the torture group’s computer system is. It’s bad. But it smiles a broad airline stewardess smile every time it makes a mistake. Errors occur at a high rate. The torture computer can be detected committing errors every few seconds. The torture computer dismisses information it can’t use. The computer runs attacks mistakenly through the semi-automated system. It’s consistently jumping from error to error to proper torture attack back to error. The whole of the torture is an erroneous process.



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