Dueling Premises

I’m confused by how my torture is done. They are trying to control my experience of reality with sensory manipulation and physical force. The thought voice clear identifies for me what I’m supposed to believe. Yet there are gaping holes that need to be addressed.

The early and anxiety torture phases were when I was told that my torture experience was normal for every person by not being a torture experience. The daydreams, fantasy stories, crush attacks all spoke otherwise. I was always schizophrenic. I always heard voices too.

During maybe the first week of the schizophrenia torture they broke into the Jakob Dylan story. They showed a man that looked like Jakob sitting with an older man. He said “You’re bothering me. I’m not Jakob Dylan. I’m “John Smith”.” Then they went back to Jakob Dylan.

For the second year of schizophrenia and on they do new music video fantasy stories torture attacks. They start the attack and then jarring remind me I’m not really Adele. They believe fully that I was lost in the fantasy. These are typically positive torture attacks.

They have trouble doing torture at events like family gatherings. The torture computer is too busy running physical control programs to be able to run anything but basic torture attacks. It’s like the torture pre-schizophrenia.


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