You Have No Power Here

The torture group programs the torture computer to run torture attacks based on the best matching scenarios occurring in the victim’s life. This doesn’t mean making accurate matches. Most of the matches made are false. Which is good if you intend to manipulate a person deeply impacted by torture.

These matches are based on the computers analysis of its video and audio live recording. The matches it makes are to its database. Like usual. But this database is a list of human emotions, language and scenarios which it’s trying to play off of. It’s doesn’t do well in a logical way. It is the irrational tainting the torture.

I have anxiety in my torture. In my anxiety I get attacked over other people’s judgement of me. My neighbors are outside in their backyard laughing. I’m smoking, coughing loudly, drooling and snotty as I cough. Of course they must be laughing at me. Because the torture computer is programmed to criticize me. Because it is seeking other people’s actions which support its criticism. Because laughter can be scornful.

The torture computer incorrectly matched innocent unconnected laughter to its negative opinion of my behavior. This has nothing to do with my neighbors. This is only about the torture group torturing me. In my case I’m not intended to react outwardly to this attack. Aside from some body language that is. It’s a psychological torture attack.

If my thoughts were also a broadcast of mental sound into my ears like the torture audio is heard my natural thought voice would challenge the torture computer. But my thoughts are silent in comparison. This makes the torture group think they are psychologically dominating me. They think I experience, yes. But they think I experience life and reality as they present it to me. They have no faith in me.

That’s odd. Because if I am an individual without the ability to differentiate torture from reality then am I intended to be something independent ever? My torture is about being physically controlled with other nonsense torture activity which acts in support but is unconnected to being controlled. I’m not experiencing, I’m living through this. I am the individual. They are the addition to my life and my world. They are mistaken and their psychological theories which they have based the torture on are fragile and weak. Long live the Queen!



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