This Doesn’t Taste the Same

The least commonly used of the technologies in my torture are the taste and smell technology. They’re used every day. They aren’t featured in that many torture attacks for me. In comparison to say my pain torture which is nonstop 24/7.

I get taste sensation torture in connection to eating. Obviously. But it’s got some problems. They are using this technology conservatively. My food tastes different all the time. Because it takes a lot of literal energy, running power, to make the tastes the complex or intense ones.

My smell torture is adorable. The torture group wants me to believe that they can trigger me smell the smells from my environment with selective torture. We have a cat litter box in the house. They stand me near it and hit me with the smell attack. It’s deceptive and charming. I mean gormless.

There is one alarming occurrence with the torture group’s taste and smells. Somehow people around me are tasting and smelling the same thing as me. If I eat the family dinner and say I think the fettuccine Alfredo is very peppery others might agree. I don’t know if that means the torture group knows too much pepper was put in from observing the cooking process or if they are doing miniature torture attacks on these people around me. I don’t assume things.




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