The Flutter

The torture group uses the torture technologies to replicate real life illness as well as mental illnesses. They can do this through the sensation technology. The stuffy nose, the itchy eyes, the congested feeling, they can do the feeling of having them. This is done along with stronger more complex sensations like the one which feels like all the energy has been sapped from your body. They create a false sense of feeling physically sick.

Yet the torture group can’t make the victim sick at will. The torture can cause intense stress but not the physical stress that will create sickness. It’s more psychological. There are a few natural common physical reactions to experiencing the torture that victims are reporting. Like high blood pressure. Victims react to the intensity of the torture physically like any person going through stress would.

The torture group does attacks which mimic real life physical illness but are not causing those symptoms in any way. For instance hitting a pulsing intense level sensation directly over the heart makes the victim feel as if their heart is pounding fast. This sensation is not deep enough or located correctly but it panics victims often.

I’ve had one reaction to being tortured. I got constant earaches that required strong antibiotics to cure. This was right when I was first tortured. It stopped when my tonsils were removed. This is a relatively minor reaction. Yet this might be a way to identify torture victims in the future. Other physical reactions are reported. Though reports of burns are likely exaggerated the torture technologies can cause temporary redness and other skin reactions like hives. You know, signs of a foreign object touching the body.




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