The Beam

The oddest thing about my smell and taste torture is what I experience from it. They’re probably the least organized in delivery of my torture attacks. I can smell what I taste. I can taste what I smell. I can feel what I smell. I can taste my knees.

To give an example let me explain that last sentence. The technology used to create taste and smells may be the sensation technology. Because there is a taste that tastes like how my knee feels. As if it were one of the sensation commonly used on my knee put onto my tongue. The transmission of the sensation technology may be slightly out of control.

There are some unnatural tastes and smells. The taste technology attack commonly reverts to a basic setting when not running a torture attack. That basic is an unnatural taste unlike anything else in the world. The torture technology is it’s own sensory experience. I’ve tasted what they call metals at the highest level. They do one they call electricity. It’s slightly sour. I’m consistently drooling from torture attacks. I guess that’s my individual reaction. They can intensify my drooling with torture.


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