Strange Dog in the Yard

The video recording technology the torture group uses is not as good as the computer’s speed at identifying objects. Sun and shadow can cause the computer to identify anything such as a badly recorded mass of weeds, wooden planks and dirt as a dog sitting in my yard. This is because the computer is meant to identify people, objects and actions being recorded at a fast pace. The torture group requires this more than they do accuracy.

The computer dumps any information it can’t identify unless it is pre-selected as a matter of importance needed in the torture. For instance a person talking to the victim will be placed in front of any other video feed unless an emergency presents itself. An emergency would be the camera spotting a object flying towards its view hole. The audio recording technology works they same way.

This ability to misidentify can be used by the torture group in torture intentionally. They can misidentify people and objects by allowing the computer to speed up it’s analysis and/or make analysis without victim relevant information. One time I thought I saw a man who looked exactly like my Uncle. Because he was in a car I didn’t know my Uncle to drive and the computer had been programmed to misidentify him. It’s solution was that this man was a near twin to my Uncle. Despite his living with us at the time and the friendly wave he gave me.

This shows me how skillful at finding and identifying people and objects the torture computer is. What is more complex for it and operates at a higher rate of error is its identification of actions being done. It can identify Tom picking up the ball. But not what Tom will do with the ball. That’s good. But it’s giving this feed to my thought voice. I’m at a lost as to predict what will next be occurring especially my role in it. As you may know humans are assuming creatures. We makes predictions and estimation even guesses about the future. The torture computer can but it will not be based on fact it will be based on its designated list of what actions follow this original action. Or it will give nothing at all.



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