Victims mention the exhausting sensation torture more than they do the invigorating and lively sensation torture. They also go on. These two are direct opposites of each other for the victim but are only two different types of intense sensation torture attacks. They are more each an anomaly than they are related. These sensations are positive sensations.

The type of positive torture attack depends on what the torture case goals allow. For my invitation to buckle in and last through my schizophrenia torture in the second year of schizophrenia the torture group decided to eliminate any nonessential positive torture attacks including dropping my ability to be and remain physically active. I went for a few years before I received a full body complete positive sensation attack again.

This wasn’t the case for my earlier torture. Then the positive attacks were regularly scheduled. I had these intense positive attacks where my energy levels skyrocketed. I remember jumping so derangedly I hit my face on the wall trying to fly through the doorway. Then there were the coffee highs. I still get an energy attack but now they’re more like nervous energy than they are gleeful play.


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