Abort, Delete, Eject

The torture group is wasting their time. The torture being done is not a pathway to success. Every aspect of this torture is failing.

The length of the torture is too long with not enough results.

The victim find ways to cope with being tortured and learn to carry on substantially less positive life but successful lives nonetheless.

The victim’s torture symptoms have not isolated them from society. Instead it has elevated their profile. Victims are publicly known as a small group by some but not all people.

The torture group spends money to do this international terrorism yet can’t find a way to make money from the victims or anyone else.

The torture technologies prove time and time again that they aren’t good weapons even in the worst hands.

The torture group is not known as a powerful entity in the world. They have no presence.

The world at large officially misunderstands what the torture is. They do not validate it. They do not fear it.

The torture group has been doing the torture for possibly 40-50 years and in all that time they have this to show:

You can use these technologies to create chaos and strife for only the individual you victimize and in doing so cause them psychological and physical harm which negatively affects their life with the result being they might become less productive members of society but only for as long as the torture is active.

I like to think about how much money it takes to torture me. They’ve proven nothing. They’ve gained nothing. I’m a drain on the torture group and they don’t realize it. The torture group has nothing. The torture group is a cruel and irrational thinking group. The torture group is losing. The torture group cannot succeed. Yet they persist. How blind they are.


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