Talking Away

The torture computer is the only way for the torture group to communicate to victims. It’s efficient. It’s semi-automated. It’s human sounding more perfect than any other publicly known computerized voice system. It can follow a conversation. Kind of.

The torture computer is better at introducing topics of conversation and holding one sided conversations than it is communicating with the victim. How the torture group has exaggerated the computer’s voice program skills is phenomenal work.

They are introducing the majority of topics and initiating most of the conversations. It’s beautifully simple. They only answer the conversation which they are capable of and ignore the rest. When all else fails run a torture attack. It’s domination.

But it’s stupid. It’s a dumb machine. Here the torture group goes for quantity over quality. The audio torture is not good. It’s the reason victims are giving that torture signature irrational information. They’re giving direct reports from the torture and the torture computer.

What do you get when you program a computer to issue verbal communication? Lizards from space trying to procreate with people and that is why they are schizophrenic. Make more sense now?



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