Quoting Coincidence

No the torture group doesn’t send you messages through the tv. They’re talking to you after the coincidental event occurs. The word helicopter just happened to be on jeopardy tonight. There were a lot of other words being ignored. They only focused on the one. I’ll explain.

They have decided already on how they will torture you. They have chosen to do paranoia attacks. This means they will now work hard to provide you with evidence of whichever theory they’ve chosen to focus on with you. They have to provide you evidence. Because you’re not stupid.

They have this computer program which records, catalogues then interprets video and audio of you and your environment in real time. They selected which topics to pursue. Are they saying they’re sending you messages through mass media like on the radio? This how the computer is doing it.

The torturers chose which words or phrases to trigger the torture computer to run a specific or collection of attacks. Every random time that word or phrase comes into your sight or hearing and the computer also detects that it may run the attack. If it’s not busy running another attack.

Every attack on this one subject will be intense. In my own torture there was a time every time the word box was uttered it triggered the computer to reference the word vagina and run a sexual attack. It’s a rather simple match game.

So you see what you know as evidence of being followed by everyone on a motorcycle or the phone being tapped has a connection to the torture. You’re observant. It’s not exactly what you think it is. It’s a diversion.

Note: Victim reports are all the same comparatively few torture attacks from the torture attack. If a audio, visual, sensation and physical control technology could possibly do it the torture group may be able to.


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