Twin Technologies

In the decades since the torture first began other people have been inventing their own technologies that do what the torture group’s technologies do. These technologies are small scale in comparison. They lack the power and range of the torture technologies. And no on is using them as a weapon. Here’s a look at the eerily similar concepts non-victims have created.

This audio spotlight technology can direct the sound waves to the ears of an individual in the same way the torture group’s audio is used. It’s unpopular due to its intrusive nature.

This entertainment device is available to anyone.

This may be what the torture group is using. We don’t know exactly how they follow us victims everywhere we go including indoors but we know they can.

Today victims are still using the ideas of V2K and microwave radiation to explain how their torture is done. When available on the market are versions of the torture technologies. It’s time we update our theories. This shows how inexperienced and uneducated victims were prior to and during their torture on the technologies used on them.

This is an example of similar but unrelated. This should give you an idea of what the sensation torture is like.


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