I’m Not Normal

It’s curious that while the torture group uses the fourth technology to control my body I’m not at all normal. It’s not just behavior. I have problems speaking, seeing and hearing. Well those are the computer’s errors. And they occur regularly as you can imagine. The behavior I display though that’s something.

The torture group opted not only to work away from normal for me behavior wise but to emphasize my abnormality in order to use it to their advantage. The torture group needed to find a way to reorganize my life to better suit their torture. That’s why they pushed my behavior to the outre rather than as normal as possible.

They premeditated the second phase of my  torture but didn’t carry it out so well. It definitely took them time to figure out how to fake a real mental illness other than schizophrenia. They felt free to change things around and experiment.

The schizophrenia is a continuation of this ploy. It is the excuse which allows me to live the same kind of lifestyle I did as an anxiety stricken child. This says a lot about the torture group’s ability to control a human body completely for years straight. They never could hit the standard and gave up trying to.


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