Steel Monkey

This visual from my early torture may have been inspired by lyrics from a song but I can’t figure out which. Jethro Tull’s “Bungle in the Jungle”?

In a bowl on a surface sit macaroni covered in cheese sauce. We zoom in to an extreme close-up. We pan upwards to a full screen of plain elbow macaroni. As we move the macaroni moves into position. It faces tube side forward. We can see into the holes. Then it becomes the four finger holes of brass knuckles. Only these knuckles are silver colored and made of steel. Perched on top of the knuckles squats a monkey. He’s barring his sharp teeth and clenching his powerful fists. This is steel monkey!

The only reason I can remember seeing this is because it came back for visits now and then. It was featured early on in one attack from my schizophrenia torture. Visuals like this seem to have meaning behind them but time has obscured the reasons for showing them.


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