Fractures Form

What the torture group is doing isn’t dependent on the torture building into an intense reaction. That does happen. What the torture group is doing with the torture is relying almost entirely on the activity of their technologies when they run them to be the cause of torture symptoms. The torture is a forever ongoing process.

This would make sense to people if only we could see any results from the torture aside from the big six: damage to relationships, job loss, isolating, homelessness, damage to reputation and extreme stress caused by being tortured. These effects from the torture don’t earn the torture group anything big.

The torture is impacting on an individual level. Yet victims chosen are the least noticeable people for the torture group to select. So they can’t create a big wave with the torture, they can’t topple important people from yon high, and they aren’t gaining power through reputation and word of mouth. What is left that the torture group finds satisfying from the torture?

It’s not a simple sadistic act by a crazy or irrational thinking person. It’s an international terrorist attack organized and carried out by a large group of people. There’s a method to their madness. Some goal is being driven forward by what torture is being done. Yet that goal is so trivial seeming as to be elusive.

We can safely infer that the attacks on civilians which causes those people’s life to implode and minimally affects others is what the torture group has done. That is their achievement. What doesn’t make sense here is how this success profits the torture group. Something doesn’t smell right. Something has gone wrong.


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