Will Work For a Little

There was a time when I was still enrolled in school and had yet to graduate that I was eligible for that job search program they run in places like California. This would have been some time after the age of seventeen until the time before I officially graduated in 2005. The person who was assigned to help me find work through this program was L.G. yet another of the amazing and good hearted people I met while being home schooled.

She got me more than one job. Because I kept messing up and leaving after the term was done. I was apparently supposed to try and apply for a permanent position but didn’t understand or the torture group didn’t wasn’t me to try. So I worked a few jobs  Here’s the stories.

The Day Care

I was working with pre-school aged kids who had yet to start official pre-school. So about three and four years old. I loved the job and as exhausting as the kids were it was relaxing. I still required continual task management because I failed as a torture victim being physically controlled to be able to identify and carry out tasks on my own initiative in an unfamiliar environment. When the owner and my boss tried to make me take care of her own son and another coworker’s child I was fine with it. That was until I got to how terrible and disobedient my boss’s son was. It was too much for me to watch him and not be compensated for it. So the torture group had me quit. Just like that.

The Drug Store

I was overqualified for this job. I could breeze through my assignments effortlessly. I didn’t know and wasn’t informed by my torturers to stretch out the tasks I was given so that they filled an entire day. So I was frequently running back to my boss and manager asking for what they wanted me to do next. That was how the computer compensated for not knowing the situation or the way the store was run. I am the most annoyingly helpful little worker. People loved me and coworkers hate me. I just did this job as long as the term was and left even though they wanted me back. I don’t understand why the torture group didn’t want to continue it. It was easy and good work, I remember the thought voice was so confused about what her job was and what she was supposed to do. She also couldn’t tell two of the workers apart (racist!).

The Pre-School

This job was better than any other because of how much time I got to spend with wonderful and well trained children. It was at a religious center accepting non-religious students. I was the underling to another underling so I was simply assigned tasks at random. Which really worked for me. There was a point when I reregistered to work some more at this job even though my time was up. I went back and the teacher didn’t seem to want me anymore. So I left again.

Camp Fire Girls

I was an assistant to the women running a local camp fire girls office. I went from staff member to staff member doing whatever they needed done. It was office work in an office filled with crafts and occasionally children. It was a good place to work. I messed up again and left.


This was like going back to school again. But it was much less anxiety inducing. I wasn’t ever able to orient myself and figure out how the work environment was run. I was clueless every moment about how I fit into the mechanism. This was because the torture group didn’t want me to fully integrate into another environment. They were never planning for me to stay. The had other ideas. Despite the seven years absence from daily social interactions I was reasonably adaptable and comfortable in each of these places.

I had problems remembering names and faces and how to behave especially to not curse minor curses around the kids. I was popular with everyone I worked with for my sunny disposition and desire to be helpful. I remember telling lies about myself only a few times. Some times the thought voice just told the wrong information about me. It was intentional on the torture group’s part.  This work was good practice that could have turned into something normal for me. It was not going to happen. The torture group did not allow it.


Published by ti30years

Living in So. California. Victim of the T.I. torture since 1990. Child and adult victim of the torture. I share my torture experience to help people learn about the torture which continues to plague me and others. Not your average schizophrenic.

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