The Slump

I find the way the torture group treats my body to be noteworthy. After all they wrested control from me and took charge. That makes them responsible for my physical health.

I was an active child. Camping, playground visits and other activities occurred often. In school they required P.E. I was active until the time my anxiety torture phase started. Then I stayed home all day eating. This led to me becoming overweight. I had other problems as well.

Around the time of girl scout camp I learned to sit with good posture. They gave us rewards for sitting up straight. Then a few years afterwards the bad posture torture began. I’ve never gone back. I get pain attacks for sitting up straight. I’m not allowed to. This is a type of forced positioning torture.

Technically everything about my body today is a product of forced positioning torture. If I wasn’t forced to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom I would be dead. It was the torture group that has kept me alive in this state for twenty-eight years now. From the way my posture affects my height to the state of my organ health the torture group has affected everything about me.




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