The Art of Puppetry

There’s more to say about my time spent with Eddie. Not only had I been drinking but I was high on pot. Neither of which I even barely did ever. I also was so far gone I temporarily passed out. This was how the torture group prepared me to be comfortable with the rape that was going to occur. They drugged me even though they already had control over my body.

Now I can’t blame Eddie for what he didn’t know. The rape was not on his part. The torture group used him to fill a role they were too afraid to play. Eddie didn’t know I was being controlled by the torture technology and I couldn’t tell him. So Eddie is innocent and absolved of all blame.

They did one strange thing first. They let me be completely comfortable being naked with a stranger. I remember. They didn’t let me be comfortable during anything else. I was criticized for everything they had me try. I was inhibited still. They let Eddie lead.

I was getting full sensation torture at the time so of course I could feel sexual sensations. At first it was enjoyable like the positive feeling sexual torture attacks they’ve always done. But they refused to attach any sexual pleasure to Eddie. I wasn’t going to get off.

Third they refused to instruct me at my experience level. I had been sexually tortured and introduced to just about everything for sixteen years prior. I knew more than I was allowed to perform.

They then let Eddie sneak off the condom. They saw him do I and let him get away with it. They gave not one care about me.

It wasn’t just the one time. They wanted to try it a second time. After that they banned me from sex forever preferring their sexual torture of me above all else.

And one day I’m going to bring this poor boy with me to court to describe our encounter or to prove that it is him on the recording and how “No, he did not know I was a torture victim at the time”.



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