The torture group had so much trouble controlling my body and putting me through school under their control that they found any way they could to get around schoolwork. This started way before they thought of the anxiety torture. I was caught directly plagiarizing from a book about bunnies in the school office. I had a period of time when i would copy of my neighbors. If things got bad I just failed intentionally.

When I got out of classroom schooling it was that much more harder to do the work. Because it kept getting more complex. So they started skipping hard schoolwork, especially math and essay writing. I remember my mother trying to get me do schoolwork. Nothing would come to mind. They torture group offered zero. We spent hours trying to get it done and came up with nothing.

The torture group figured out how to do the minimal work by using my homeschooling to their advantage. I had no classroom discussion, related classwork or pressuring teacher. I just answered the questions at the end of the chapter in simple sentences. I did as little work as I could. I continued plagiarizing up to my final school essay.

The torture group has shown the weaknesses of their physical control technology. This inability to function is extremely noticeable to non-victims. They think I’m shy, quiet and introverted when I’m really devoid of content from the torture technology controlling my body.


Published by ti30years

Living in So. California. Victim of the T.I. torture since 1990. Child and adult victim of the torture. I share my torture experience to help people learn about the torture which continues to plague me and others. Not your average schizophrenic.

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