The fantasies Continue

The torturers didn’t stop showing me the fantasy stories involving the Girl after David and company went away. It took some time for them to come back into rotation. When they did they now included stories about how I will be after my torture is over. They imagine the same character and another more realistic me based one in unrealistic situations they think will occur.

My visions came back. Only they happen less frequently and I’m never as immersed in them as I was previously. In fact I often go in and out of my connection to the visions. Some times I’m a character, sometimes I’m me the torture victim watching torture content.

These stories about me after my torture are the general torture group lunacy. They reimagined the old stories in a new context. In these stories I’m rarely the negative results of being tortured. I’m the best that could possibly happen. They don’t give me much to learn about how I will recover from being tortured for twenty-eight years.


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