Out of Balance

The balance problems I have are with basic balance tests. I start to fall over doing the most simple things like taking off my shoe while standing on one leg or when doing lunges. But when I tip over my emergency balance is able to reorient me and I catch myself. My ability to catch myself is better than my balance.

During the first year of schizophrenia the torture group demonstrate that they could have me balance on one leg without wavering. They choose not to do this or they’re unable to do this regularly. Perhaps at regular strength the technology controlling my body doesn’t work as well as it does at higher intensity.

I can’t shiver from the cold. My shivering is falsified by the torture technology. It helps me fit in better. Other people aren’t noticing the abnormality of my shivering. There’s a pattern to my physical actions which is a signature of both the torture technology and th r torture group’s operating system. One day people will know what to look for


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