I Can See when My Eyes are Closed

I can see the torture visual technology even when my eyes are closed. This is what makes this technology so intrusive and problematic for victims. We can’t look away because the technology is beamed straight to our eyes only. We can’t shut our eyes against the horrifying content we’re shown.

On the day before Easter 2012 the visuals which had gone down in quality at the beginning of the year improved to seem real except for what i was seeing. They showed me violent and questionable scenes. A crazed man was impelled on a jagged pole yelling “I’m Jesus Christ on a cross!”. A group of young children were running around while someone took pictures of them. A woman wore an outfit which was one I had worn as an infant for the fourth of July. A young man slumped dead in an armchair in front of the t.v. which was still on.

The visuals I saw went down in quality in January, 2012 and got worse in June, 2012. They remain less clear and harder to see. I’m shown most of them quickly so I can’t study them closely.

The torture visuals I see at night are strongly black and white instead of the colors I know exist. The visuals displayed to me are adjusted. Probably because this lets them be seen better.


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