I Brought the Fury

The Voices I heard kept telling me that I could stop them from talking and bothering me if I could confront them in person. I would try to walk, bike or bus all by myself to were the voice said they were many times. Often i grew frustrated or got tired and called home for help.

July, 2011

I was told I could find Jakob Dylan if I only went north from my house. I got my bike, called my brother and set off. I packed my cigarettes. It was dark when I set off. I had never biked this route before. As i listened to the voices that i heard spin stories goading me on I found that the road did continue on straight.

At one time the voices became so abusive I stopped in an apartment complex to think things through. I decided to not give up again yet. I was so involved with doing what the voices said I could to end the torture I was experiencing I ended up biking over thirty miles that night to Pasadena.

I gave up when I ended up in a cul de sac. I called home and said crazy things while i asked for a ride home. Both my father and sister came to pick me up. They were calm on the way home but they had already called the medical team to assess my mental health.


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