The Walls Move In

I used to get so many torture attacks that were often positive or benign during my early torture. You could see how the torturers responded to me as the child I was while also being extremely violent.

This attack would happen when I was relaxing or in bed other times. I would be lying comfortably down and through my closed eyelids or my open eyes I could see the room around me. The entire room. Behind me and outside of my vision field as well. I would see the walls and ceiling. As I watched lines like in Tron would run down the corners of the structure. Then the walls would turn into 3D shapes and the graphics would morph to make the walls and ceiling seem as if they were moving or bulging in towards me. I would at the same time feel a full body pressure which was pleasant and comfortable. The walls were holding me safely.


I think they were running some kind of psychological experiment on me. I’ve got no idea what for. You tell me.


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