The Night of the Lunar Eclipse

On December 9th, 2011 there was a lunar eclipse. That night the torturers began a torture attack like I had never had before. Their story was that people in the company were going to try their hand at torturing me. These were rape attacks each and every one. They lasted almost two weeks. They were outrageous scenarios. The characters changed each day until they started changing multiple times a day.

These rape attacks were the most disturbing because they take up the entire day on and off. It’s like the torturers played out their every fantasy they had yet to do. These attacks were character driven like the rest of the first years stories. They intruded on my daily life just like the rest of the years attacks.

Excerpt from Diary Year One

Night of December 9th
They refused to let me sleep. I had been violated all day by the technology and they kept me up till the next night. I cried and felt the first of endless pains. I enjoyed the lunar eclipse later in the morning with my mother and sister in the early morning. They said the company people were going crazy and didn’t know what was happening. They showed violent attacks: a man stabbing someone in the eye, a man running hard into a door, a man getting his hand caught in a car door and being dragged, a man being stomped in the face. Stories about the company were told. They say that while they were watching people someone got raped and I cry in horror. An old video of David was shown where he got beaten up while the company ignored his cries for help. He said the company didn’t save him from a brutal alley beating. He was shown right after that sitting on a couch with his friends. He says he and his friends are fighting the company while they’re all engrossed with my project. He flips me off later in the night when I say he looks like the person they’re showing raping me. Robert (David’s dad) and Nekko are shown at an eclipse viewing party. Peter, his wife and two children are shown while I lay in my hallway. They show a sadistic gnome running around with a scalpel cutting things. The insanity of the company is brought into question. People are said to be having psychotic breakdowns and confusion due to the eclipse. I have an amusing time dancing around the next morning when they remind me I’m M’s little sister and how great my brother is. It made me feel strong after the horrible night.

The employees/characters who participated

Sword girl
She was the first woman to participate in the test-runs who was supposedly a schizophrenic hired off the streets when homeless. She was said to be a mid level employee. She was shown living in a ramshackle house and had reckless sex which they showed me. She was shown using a sword while having sex, which she used on me through the technology to attack me while I was lying on bed. I felt sharp pains on the top of my head while I tried to go to sleep. After this I was told that someone had gotten raped while the company was using their technology to watch their employees 24/7. I was very shocking and sad to hear it. I was walking outside to smoke, and I was very shook up, when they showed me a video of Robert standing below me in the den while I stood on the kitchen step. I breathed deep and felt stronger. Outside I found comfort in gazing at the moon while they said encouragements. She was shown getting high on some pills on the night of the 9th. Afterwards she played around the may pole with Daniel and the sex pervert. She ended the night by having a drug reaction on the floor of the project room. She then went into the timeout room. They had previously said they used this room for calming down people when projects upset them. She was shown swinging her leg on the bed violently and to have broken it.

The sex pervert
The first man to participate in the test-runs began the tradition on showing the tester holding me from behind. He was active the same time as Sword girl. The sensation of a penis inside me also became a staple after him. He was said to be a mid to low-level employee. At midnight he was distracted by Daniel’s taunts after he insulted Nathaniel. He followed Daniel around the may pole while Daniel shouted insults. He was said to be sexually interested in children and this is why he followed Daniel. He ended the night by leaving the office and finding a dead dog on the streets which he then had sex with. He was said to have used drugs. He was shown to have been returned to a mental health ward that he got let out of for the day. He was shown holding me from behind while I felt him violate me. He did perverse sexual things to me while making sick statements.

The scheduled participants
One man and One woman together for several days for about a week or so and then single men or sometimes married couples.


Published by ti30years

Living in So. California. Victim of the T.I. torture since 1990. Child and adult victim of the torture. I share my torture experience to help people learn about the torture which continues to plague me and others. Not your average schizophrenic.

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