I get an interesting view into how the torture group’s computer works through the things it has me do. One pastime is playing brain games. The computer can only do the games it does and avoids the others.

I first got pennypress puzzle books from my grandma over ten years ago. The computer likes to play them because it figured out how often things repeat in between books. It remembers puzzle answer from a decade ago. There are some of the puzzles the computer will not do. I’ve never been good at word problems.

I play candy crush saga and cookie jam on my computer. The torture computer quickly figured out how to beat levels. It waits for the best possible random distribution of starting pieces. It doesn’t improve its playing. Occasionally the level offers up an obvious strategy which it uses. I never buy from these app games so I play as my lives last. The torture computer got slower to win for every complication added as I ascend levels.

I played one computer game years ago; where in the world is Carmen San Diego?. I won a few games then the torture operator switched off the computer’s game playing skills and I couldn’t play anymore.

I played mancala in elementary school. I don’t remember now all the tricks and strategies the computer used to have for winning. But I do remember it learned from observing other kids playing.

Speaking of computer skills there was a time when I was taking a lot of photographs. I have documentation of the computer’s skill in my collection. It wasn’t good.


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