It’s Too Complicated

The torture computer controlling my body and its semi-automated programming are what forced me out of public school starting at age ten. The computer was too weakly designed to do two things: schoolwork and the torture together. They took me out of a busy day with constant social interaction in order to focus on torturing me more.

The computer shows this problem in other victim’s torture. Victim are forced out of jobs and into dependency often. I’m not the only one this happened to I’m just one of the youngest. This perhaps shines a light on silent victims and what kind of torture they receive.

As a former silent victim (1990-2011) I am intrigued to see that my years of torture prior to my schizophrenia torture phase mirror schizophrenic type victim’s. I was always told what I experienced was normal. I was told something was wrong with me that made me be the way I was. The torture group had no reservations about their abuses of a child victim.


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