One Headlight and other Coincidences

The torture group successfully gets victims to believe their lies about every day coincidental events being connected to the torture. They’ve gone so far as to convince victims that bands of people have grouped together to surreptitiously harass them.

Here’s how the torture group gets such high achievement in this style of torture attack. The torture computer is video and audio recording the victim’s environment at all times. It is capable of some analysis identifying not only people and objects but things like cause and effect and emotions. Yeah, sure it can identify emotions. It’s got that graphic of different smiley face emotions and it can match people’s faces to that. I’m not kidding.

So it gives an identification to these things. It can then run a torture attack using them. The torture attack has been predetermined in accordance with the case goals of the victim. For example it can see a scratch on the victim’s car and tell them someone keyed their car while they were inside the store. It’s not true. It’s just a scratch. It was there yesterday. The victim is on high alert for these attacks because they understand something bad is happening to them they just can’t say what that is.

It’s an incitation of paranoia onto a person heavily affected by psychological and physical torture. The victim is not thinking clearly. Otherwise they would doubt the torturers claims of causing them every coincidental bad thing that happens to occur. Perspective is heavily affected by this torture.

The victim gets these intense attacks one right after the other. They aren’t relaxing and recuperating in between attacks like they need to. In my torture they only did these type of attacks for a brief time. It took up so much energy to run they couldn’t run other intense torture attacks.



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