I threw up for a year. I know how that sounds. Yes, I’m sure it was caused by the torture group. No one else had this symptom in the house I live in. I know for certain that the torture group can cause victims to throw up. I threw up at least three times a day. They liked me to do it outside. I killed off the grass in an area. My family didn’t find out. I’m quite sure my neighbors saw me throwing up often. It was a wild torture attack. It’s over now.

My torture is not often so visibly extreme. This was a special external torture attack. Though it was done in isolation it was intended to raise hackles and questions.

The torture group is able to engage muscles to force the victim to vomit. I can’t throw up as I’m being physically controlled. If I got food poisoning my body couldn’t throw up. I’ve been sick and couldn’t throw up before. The torture group is in charge of when I vomit. They will do it as they believe I need to.


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