Failures of Operation

Each technology has a signature flaw/s which hinder the torture that is being done. As much as the torture group tried to overcome these flaws the problems with the torture technologies bleed into the torture done and are apparent to victims. The torture group worked flaws into the torture itself which doesn’t disguise them well.


The torture group’s audio torture is the least problematic of all the torture technologies. It’s run with a multiple speech on multiple volume levels attack. Which sounds clever. Until you consider the human ability to adjust to and ignore sound. The audio torture may be the most perfect but it’s not the best suited to the human beings it’s used on.

The audio can run human speech from a computer voice program. But that soeech can only generate conversation on a single topic for five minutes. It gives out and moves on.


The biggest flaw of the sensation technology is it’s running capability. This technology must be run in short bursts of seconds rather than a continued transmission. This makes it so the torture using sensations is less intense than it could have been.

Not only does it falter naturally in transmission but there are physical reaction failings in victims. Using this technology too much and too often in the exact same location would cause numbness if the torture group were not forced to alter the location of the beam.

Victims grow tolerant of the sensation torture up to a point. They will always adjust to the torture at their everyday sensation torture schedule but above that level they find discomfort and pain. The most intense levels of sensation torture are extreme to experience because they can’t be done so much.

The sensation technology only feels on being active. At the moment the beam moves or is turned off the sensation ceases without leaving any lingering effects. The lingering reactions are psychological rather than physical.


The transmissions of visuals are probably not of the best quality. The torture group can run visuals which appear to be the match to any movie seen in theatres or on tv but due to the power level taken to run it at this quality the torture group runs lower quality visuals instead.

Visuals are on display in the victim’s vision field. They take up a portion of the victim’s sight at all times. In order to allow the victim to see well enough to function normally the torture group must check their visual torture. It’s a question of what they want to cause the victim to experience.

Control of body

The ability of the torture group to control a body is limited by their ability to control enough muscles all at once by using a computer. This makes every act of physical control be filtered through the computer. A computer which is as prone to error as any other.

While controlling a victim’s body the torture group puts the victim at extreme risk. The victim is unable to signal and treat unobvious illnesses or wounds. The victim could have something like internal bleeding and until they show external signs the torture group would not know.


Published by ti30years

Living in So. California. Victim of the T.I. torture since 1990. Child and adult victim of the torture. I share my torture experience to help people learn about the torture which continues to plague me and others. Not your average schizophrenic.

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