Four Eyed

During my early torture before the age of ten it was noticed that I was exhibiting the signs of a person needing glasses. This was during the torture group’s control of my body. So you can imagine how those signs were on display. My astigmatism was diagnosed and I wore reading glasses. I often wore them when I wasn’t reading. I don’t wear glasses anymore.

For a while i would steal and wear my twin sister’s glasses. This didn’t bother me. But later on wearing my mother’s or my father’s glasses did. I could because of my torture see clearly and without disturbance through any prescription glasses I looked through. The torture technology would adjust until my eyes were at the proper sight.

The torture group was manipulating my eyesight during my eye exams for nefarious reasons. They made my eyes exhibit the classic signs of astigmatism. They did this to put me in eyeglasses I didn’t need. They would have me see crookedly than revert to normal when I put on my glasses. The old torture group fake out.

During my first year of schizophrenia I was wearing my glasses for only the first few months. After that the torture group stopped messing with my eyesight in that certain way. I haven’t needed glasses since that time. The torture group was done with this experiment. Except for that incident of extreme visual disturbance which sent me home from disneyland in 2012.

Nowadays the torture group likes to do games with my eyesight but not when I’m reading like they used to. This started again only a year and a half ago. They blur the visuals in front of my eyes when I’m in the car as the sunlight is low or its nighttime. They blur my vision when I’m in a crowded place. But I don’t need to see clearly to function at these times. Eventually they end the attack.


Published by ti30years

Living in So. California. Victim of the T.I. torture since 1990. Child and adult victim of the torture. I share my torture experience to help people learn about the torture which continues to plague me and others. Not your average schizophrenic.

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