C, C, C

My cousin was one of my special people. She was a person the torturers gave special considerations to and a license to interfere with my torture as she chose. This meant that when she and I got together I followed her lead. That she could get me do things I wouldn’t otherwise do. She was a positive influence and we always had fun together.

This cousin and I were very close as young children around the time before my torture began. At one point during the onset of my torture the family suffered relationship issues with our parents no longer speaking. I saw very little of my cousin after this.

But my cousin never forgot me or our closeness. We lived in the same neighborhood so we bumped into each other occasionally. It was as adults that she finally sought me out to begin a relationship on our own. She was the instigator. She got what she wanted for a long as she could sustain it.

My cousin and I got along like two peas in a pod. But my cousin was troubled and at the time our relationship could have grown if we had consistently maintained it she moved away and I rarely saw her.

The thing about this special person was how she could get the torturers to react positively to her at the drop of a hat. She simply showed up and they kowtowed to her wishes. They always told me how special she was, how close, how dear. If not for her problems and my torture we would have had something great. Instead it was good when it existed but often fizzled out and died.

My cousin died prematurely in June of this year. I’ll never get the chance to meet her again as a free woman. The torture group treated her badly by neglecting to support her properly throughout our relationship. This was a person in need and they denied her my attentions down to the week she died. They didn’t treat her so special.

The torture group claims that in falsifying this relationship they were continuing something that was in in existence before they came along. But the torture group routinely acts to harm victim’s relationships with mine not the exception. So it still a mystery to why the torture group loved and worshipped this person.



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