The Smell and Taste Technologies

There are two less mentioned torture attacks. The torture group has the ability to make the victim taste and smell seperately. They can do good or bad taste and smells. They can do them intensely which overwhelms and agitates the victim. Some of the taste and smells are inorganic like the one the torture group calls electricity. These commonly used technologies are not very well understood by victims who sometimes don’t know they’re active at all.

Torture done using either the smell or taste technology is about using them at levels intense enough to cause discomfort and disgust though these attacks don’t cause other physical symptoms like nausea and vomiting that real noxious smells and tastes do.

I believe these sensory reactions are caused by the sensation technology. I have two reasons for thinking this. One: when the smells,and tastes occur I can also feel then active. Two: these sensations of the smell and tastes feel like sensations used on other areas of my body. I think I know when I can smell what my knee feels like.


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