Special Consideration

In all of my torture there are two people whom the torture group gives special allowances to. They are my brother and my recently deceased cousin. These two were never subject to the same behavior the torture group has towards others. These two were people I would get relaxed and comfortable with unlike with other people. I never acted out like i did around others. I enjoyed myself more. They made my torture turn into positive torture.

When I’ve around these people the torture group has dropped torture attacks they had scheduled. These people have gotten me to do things my inhibited torture created personality does not normally allow. These two people have been very special for me simply because the torture group picked them out for special treatment. I don’t see much of my brother and saw my cousin even less.

These two are the closest I’ve been in the twenty-two years since I left school to having a good solid relationship with someone. With each of these people our time apart didn’t matter we reconnected like magnets every time we got together. My cousin died unexpectedly and my brother lives far away from me. I was recently reconnecting with my cousin who had moved back home before she died.


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