Sleep Deprivation

Victims will mention how the torture group systematically interrupts their sleep in what they consider sleep deprivation torture. It’s not as bad as it seems. The torture group needs victims only so congizantly weak. They require only so much confused thinking for susceptibility to their manipulations. If they go too far the victim can’t retain information or repeat that information to others. The torture group demands the former and hope for the latter. While there may be sleep interruption to the point of deprivation it will be brief. Because otherwise it would go to far for the victim to pay attention to the torture and the torture group needs that.

The torture itself can be mentally and physically exhausting. When desired the torture group will do such intense negative sensation torture that it makes the victim feel tired in every way. This type of attack is temporary. As with all sensation attacks the moment it is ended the affect is over.

You can track victim’s level of sleep deprivation from their social media reports on the attacks. They prove to be able to communicate clearly despite suffering from the attack. The level of comprehensible communication they can still share when attacked with sleep deprivation attacks shows how this attack is fabricated.


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