Drugs, Violence and The Company

I was told some things about the company, the vague presentation of my torturers made by my torturers, that are untrue. I read other victims reporting the same things. And I think to myself “My torture moved past this stage. Move theirs along too”. But instead my torture lingers in its own crapulence.

I was told that because the company was operating the torture illegally they did other acts of crime using the torture technologies or by using information which they learned at work. That they did things like rob banks.

I was told that there was a drug problem at the company with meth being the drug of the moment.

I was told that the employees of the company were free to commit crimes against victims outside of the torture such as rape, murder, theft and kidnapping. These were an elaborate collection of stories.

I was told that along with committing crimes against victim using access and information learned at work the employees were free to use the torture technologies in their criminal acts on torture victims. Such as using video recording to learn a victim’s pin number and access their bank account.

I was told that the employees were allowed to use the torture technologies to spy on and/or record non-victims. That there was more to the torture than the torture.

I was told that while all victims are long term cases of torture the company did play around with attacking non-victims for fun. Which would make short term victims a thing.

I was told that there was a vast conspiracy involving the torture. That countries around the world had the torture technologies and used them in a secret war of power. That the company was only one of many and the one that happened to attack me. That different torture groups existed.

I was told that the U.S. military had the torture technologies and each faction separately tortured innocent people and fought amongst themselves.

I was told that while we victims slept the torture group entered our conscious mind and could create torture experiences.

I was told that everyone in my family was also a torture victim.

I was told that the torture group was video and audio recording me from machines located in my own house or the other version was within close proximity to my home.

I was told that it was possible to register the exact physical shape and distinct action of one human being, run this into the computer system and attack a victim using sensations with an avatar of a real person. That what I was experiencing as sensation torture, specifically the rapes, were the holographic style form of my torturers.

I was told my torture was coming to an end soon. Sometime in the future. Later. It’s coming. And….

I was told that they could read my mind.

I was told that I was physically in control of my own body until one day in late 2011 they debunked that myth forever.

I was told that everything I was seeing was live video.

Some of these claims contradict the other. I was told these over  the course of a year. The torture group stumbled over their own words sometimes. All of these claims the torture group later refuted. These claims are unproven. I have no experience with any of these claims holding true.


Published by ti30years

Living in So. California. Victim of the T.I. torture since 1990. Child and adult victim of the torture. I share my torture experience to help people learn about the torture which continues to plague me and others. Not your average schizophrenic.

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