Victims are forced to cope with being tortured in near isolation. Because the torture is officially unrecognized and the first treatment for it would be to find and stop the torture group victims are stalled by the disbelief of non-victims in positions of power who stand against their claims.

Though victims are misdiagnosed they can seek, demand and attain treatment for their torture symptoms. They will continue to display the symptoms for as long as the torture continues unless they learn coping skills for the torture. Victims are largely self-taught and taught by other victims in how to create safe space and comfort for themselves. Even when the torture invades that space the victim knows they prepared it to be invaded.

What’s so remarkable about the torture victims is how well they do cope. Torture even through these technological means is an intense experience with often exclusively negative affects on the victim. The victims of this torture suffer for years on end. And they do it with more composure than is expected. The victim community is best when it’s giving the most basic support victims need.



A Line of Resistance

The efforts of the torture group though shortsighted and confusing seem to be to cause a few specific affects in victim’s lives. They act in ways which disrupt the victim’s life, make the victim’s life negative and share that chaos with others in contact with the victim. There’s not much that goes on as a result of the torture in regard to non-victims. The victim receives 90-95% of the impact of the torture.

Other people, non-victims, aren’t really affected by the torture of the victim. Their disbelief in the torture being real and trust in the official decree that the torture is instead schizophrenic delusions safeguards them from having to face reality. One day they will be forced to earn the truth. They’re getting used to the brief and sudden acts of terrorism but not this type of decade long terrorism which has so industriously infiltrated so many powerful countries.

The non-victims have inadvertently denied the torture group the belief required to instill terror in the majority of them. They carry on unwittingly acting against the torture group’s wants without really having to try. It’s only the primary victims who experience the reality of the torture. Because the torture group lost face with non-victims and can only torture so many victims in total the torture group has a weak and stagnant impact of the world. Well not the world, just the small amount of countries the torture is reported to occur in.

It depends on the people who catch the torture group how the revelation of their crimes will go. We don’t expect it to go any one way. There is every option available so far. Thinking of other acts of violence like genocides and the classic torture you can imagine how non-victims won’t be so easy to explain the torture to. They will never see it or its impact because it’s so highly psychological in affect. It will take a strong government or allied governments to reveal the torture.

All Eyes on Me

The torture teaches the victim that they will always receive attention for everything they do from the torturers. This creates a set of torture symptoms which are negative for the torture victim. On one side the victim can feel criticized and attacked for most or everything they do. On the other side the victim can feel validated. Because if they’re doing something they perceive the torture group as not liking they presume it’s the right thing to do. It depends on the type of torture and the victim which way they vary.

Breaking the Rules and Laws

Since my earliest torture years the torture group has enjoyed having me get in trouble by doing something wrong. They refuse to get involved in anything but the most selfish rule breaking for the most part against family members. They never imagine I will get caught.

As a four year old this started out as rule breaking and stealing things from siblings. I was soon stealing candy from the grocery store. I got caught and I stopped.

When I got into my teens during my anxiety torture phase they had me shoplift diet aids like laxatives. Around that time i would borrow without permission my siblings things. The torture group felt my siblings were selfish because they refused to share with me. I’d often be caught. I would also take money from wherever i could find it. I spent it on food.

In my late teens the torture group noticed that my sibling was shoplifting and felt justified that I could do the same. I had just turned eighteen when we were caught and charged for shoplifting. I stopped after this.

During the first year of schizophrenia I stole money mainly for cigarettes from my very forgiving family. They made me rightfully pay them all back which was harder without a job. After I got on public assistance I stopped stealing again.

I’m not a good liar despite the possibility to be one. The torture group finds my breaking rules and laws a thing of necessity to reach their goals.

What Else Can I Get You For

Knowing that the torture group records everything I do brings up a disturbing thing. The torture group recorded me for every second of my life during my torture from age four on. That automatically qualifies as child porn. Even without the scenes of me masturbating. Even if no video and only images exist. Even if they only keep written accounts of the events they spied upon. The voyeurism is ill intended enough to cause problems for the torture group once they are officially caught.

The torture group officially kidnapped me when they took control of my body. They took me out of the control of my parents. They took me places alone by their choice. They qualify as kidnappers in my case.

There are many crimes less extreme than the torture that the torture group is guilty of.

Racism, Profiling and the Thought Voice

The voice that narrates my thoughts tries to identify every person I see. It doesn’t see everyone. It can’t identify everything i see. It does recognize and identify by name or description the things and people I see all day. It uses very basic analysis.

The computer doesn’t know all the strangers I see by name so it gives a brief description of them. This description is race, gender, age, socio-economic status as determined by dress and cleanliness. The computer is extremely pompous and dislikes dirty, strange acting and mean looking people. The computer is highly judgemental to the point of racism and other immature quirks in its analysis programming.

It’s secondary identification is threat or interaction type with me. Any person that gets within my bubble is assessed for threat level. For my anxiety torture they set the threat warning to go off every time a person drew close to me a certain distance. It went off every time someone looked at me, seemed to be negative in any way and the like.

It’s not just video recording. Its also audio recording people within hearing distance. Certain voices can set the computer against people. The computer knows so few angry or otherwise negative tones of voice it gets set off easily. The system is badly written and in need of updating and reworking.

I Tell Lies

As the torture technology controls my body I find the thought voice cares not one whit about the things I say to people. The torture thought voice is narration of my opinions and emotions towards others and events so she is telling me to fake my response because it is proper. It’s not required that people always sympathize with others in this way. The torture group has me do it because they think it’s what others need from me.

This gives me improper torture training. According to the torture I’ve been receiving I always am engaged in my actions. To be disingenuous is at odds with how my torture is psychologically formulated. I’m being trained that I think and feel what the thought voice does. Why am I uncaring and shut off sociopathically inside when I was always empathetic and assistive before? Things have gone wrong in my torture.